Wednesday, 24 June 2015

How to buy best certified jewellery and enjoy value added services?

Buying precious jewellery may be a tough decision but not anymore. If you have the requisite knowledge about the purity certification, it becomes easier for you. After all, you are investing your hard earned money into these pretty and tiny things. You need to be assured about their quality as well.

Gold Jewellery
Gold Jewellery
These days, people are getting inclined towards certified jewellery due to many reasons. It refers to purity certificate issued by the BIS and provided to you by the seller. It ensures that you are getting appropriate purity of gold metal in the jewel you are buying. To ascertain the same, follow these steps:
  • Check the logo of BIS on certified jewellery.
  • Check the rating of purity.
  • Check the mark of hallmarking center
  • Check the year of marking in certified jewellery
  • Finally, check the jeweller’s identification mark on it.
After going through all these points, you need to check the value added services being offered by the seller. These may include:

Free jewellery polishing service with every jewel purchased:

Free Jewellery Polishing
Free Jewellery Polishing

It is an exceptional service to enrich your shopping experience. There are many reputed jewellers offering free jewellery polishing and cleaning services. These services are essential for proper maintenance of your beloved jewels.

Free purity check:

Some jewellers offer free purity check for the jewellery purchased from them or other sellers as well. This ensures you about the purity of gold in jewellery you are buying.
All these and much more services are offered by the contemporary jewellers for an impeccable buying experience.

Friday, 12 June 2015

The inimitable range of enchanting jewelry designs

The jewelry market is getting bigger and better. It is the influence of designer trends in this sphere. Today, you can find an exquisite gold jewelry design at any leading jewelry showroom. The choices are galore. But finding the best one is always delightful.

Whether you are about to buy a diamond necklace or any other beautiful jewelry, there are many sellers offering them in varied designs.

However, finding the best silver, diamond or gold Jewellery design is not all. The collection and services of the jeweler also matter considerably here. Let us go through some of the points that you must remember while buying exclusive jewelry pieces.
  • Buying diamond necklace is a costly affair. So, before you buy it, ensure the quality of the diamonds being offered to you. Always ask for certification from international labs like GIA and IGI for the authenticity of the diamonds studded in any jewelry.
  • Don’t let yourself fall to the glitter of gold. Rather check the purity of gold assured by hallmarking. For complete assurance, check the five signs of hallmarking done by BIS.
  • In case of white jewels like silver earrings, bangles, necklaces, and chains, check the hallmarking done by BIS for sterling silver. 925 is the figure you must settle for!
  • Lastly, don’t forget to check the buyback policy of the jeweler before buying any such expensive jewelry. The seller should offer you up to 100% return value of gold and silver while up to 90% value should be returned in case of priceless diamonds.

Monday, 1 June 2015

Find exquisite designs of diamond jewelry in Rewari

Smitten by the sparkling beauty of diamond jewelry? For most of the people, diamonds are stunning to look at but somewhat tough to buy. However, it’s not even the rocket science. In Tier II cities like Rewari as well, you can easily find exquisite designs of gold and diamond jewelry.

Luckily, these cities are developing at a fast pace leading to propelled demand of expensive pieces. To find impressive and reliable gold and diamond jewellery in Rewari, you must follow your instincts and at the same time, the basic tips of buying glittering jewels.

Are these tips really effective? Yes, they are. Simply, find your favorite gold necklace designs or solitaire rings and shop according to these tenets. You will certainly end up grabbing a lucrative deal in the end!

Here, come your handy tips to buy diamond and gold jewelry in Rewari:

Diamond Jewellery
Diamond Jewellery
Prefer buying from sellers offering IGI certificate with every item.
  • If solitaire is your choice, you must settle for a certificate issued by GIA laboratories in USA.
  • Check out the 4 C’s of diamond, viz, Cut, Color, Carat, and Clarity.
  • The diamonds must be studded in 18Kt hallmarked gold certified by BIS
  • Last but not the least, check out the prices and buyback guarantee of the seller. Prefer up to 90% returnable value for diamonds and 100% value for gold.

With these tips, you can definitely enjoy great benefits in your jewelry shopping, whether you live in Rewari or Delhi.